About Us

Welcome to Pixie Closet! Pixie Closet is an international e-commerce website. We have an R&D team in Vietnam, and a warehouse in the continental US. Stay in touch and join us as we expand!

What we do

We have a keen interest in fashion and lifestyle items. We aim to provide a brand that empowers people to live happy, healthy lives empowered by informed decisions. 

If you want outstanding items that work for your family, and yourself, you've come to the right place.


Our objective is to provide you with the most inventive products that you have probably never heard of before - at a very reasonable price. We aim to be known as the place to shop for affordable fashion and lifestyle items.

For help and guidance, please contact us at:

Mailing Address: 674 Alderwood Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, US.

Phone: +1 919-999-2255
Email: support@pixiecloset.com

***Update: Due to the Corona Virus epidemic, all of our employees are required to work from home, thus we are unable to answer your calls. If you have any questions concerning the goods, delivery, or simply want some general advice, please contact us at support@pixiecloset.com.