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Ease heavy pain & train stronger ankles!

AcuFoot Hemisphere Muscle Massager stretches leg and foot muscles while stimulating acupuncture points for a deep massage effect. Easy to use and improve joint flexibility!

There are nearly 15,000 nerves in your feet alone which is why foot reflexology is calming and effective.

Ten minutes of usage of AcuFoot™ treats headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.

The hemisphere design trains up body balance and strengthening muscle groups for strong and flexible ankles.


  • DEEP FOOT MASSAGE: Stretch and massage tense foot muscle against stabbing pain & weak ankles.
  • ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY: Stimulate nerve endings and acupuncture points to relieve pain & aches.
  • ANTI-SWELLING: Promote blood circulation to reduce swelling & aid healing progress.
  • STRENGTHEN ANKLE: Prevent foot and ankle injuries by strengthening ankle joints.
  • COMFORTABLE: Quality & comfortable silicone with a unique geometric pattern to distribute weight while applying optimal pressure to Acupoints.
  • REDUCE FATIGUE: Reduce tension on the back, feet, and waist to fight fatigue.
  • EASY TO USE: Can be used on the floor, seat, bed, or yoga mat.
  • BETTER SLEEP: Open up energy pathways that are blocked or congested for better sleeping quality.


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