Creative Hexagonal Wall Lights Smart Touch-Sensitive LED Honeycomb Night Lights DIY Modular Assembled Splicing Modern Wall Lamps Home Decor

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Tired of the same old, boring lamps and light fixtures and yearning for something super unique, more exciting, and a whole lot of fun? Well, then we've got the perfect light fixture for you! These remarkable Modular Touch Lights are all of the above and a whole lot more!


These Modular Touch Lights are a touch-sensitive wall light that lets you create any design using hexagonal magnetic tiles. It's a versatile lighting solution that adds excitement and fun to your living room or workspace. Create beautiful and impressive designs that are personal to your environment.

How It Works:

Connect the tiles together using the magnetic edges and turn your wall into a work of art.

Wherever it's placed, the lights provide a functional and aesthetic diffused light source with a tactile experience.

bringwish Modular Touch Lights

There's no limit to the possibilities...

  • All Of The LED Tiles Are Held Together By Magnets. Which means you can pull them apart and rearrange them any way you want. You can have your lights on the wall and functional within minutes.
  • Adjustable Brightness. Need a little more or less light? You got it. Turn the tiles on and off individually so you get the brightness level you’re looking for.
  • Touch Sensor. Each tile has a proximity sensor that detects the distance of your body, as you come into contact with the tile. Just touch the lights with any part of your body to turn them on or off.
  • Eco-Friendly. They don’t suck up a lot of power, so they won’t hurt the environment. Use them without feeling guilty.
  • Sticky Pads Or Nails. Take your pick how you want to hang them, we give you both options. Holes are ready to go in the back of the lights, and sticky pads are included.

It’s unique, beautiful, and super creative...

It’s about time your light fixture looked as good as the rest of your home.

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